Author: Alina Kamran

Moharram is the first month of Islamic calendar which means “forbidden” that is why it is called Moharram.In this month Ashura the 10th day of this month has its own significance.
On the day of Ashura,many historic milestones took place.some of them are described below;



  • On the day of Ashura Allah forgave Prophet Adam a.s
  • Allah saved Prophet Noah enabling his arch to land peacefully and victoriously.
  • Prophet Ibrahim a.s was saved from the tyrant Nimrood.
  • Prophet Yaqoob a.s and prophet Yousuf a.s was reunited.
  • Allah gave victory to Prophet Musa a.s and split the sea for him and for the children of Israel and firoun was defeated.
  • Allah forgave Prophet Daood a.s and granted Prophet Sulayman a.s great dominion.
  • And on that day Allah brought Prophet Younus a.s safely out of the whale.
  • On tenth of Muharram Allah cured Prophet Ayub a.s.
  • On that day the Battle of Dhat ar-Riqa occurred.
  • Pen was invented.
  • Sky,mountains and oceans were born.
  • It rained first time on 10th of moharram.
  • Hussain ibn-e-Ali was brought upto shaheed.

Imam al-Hussain was killed by an unjust group. He died as a martyr at the age 56 years old. He is the one whom our Prophet praised him along with his brother saying: “Hussain is from me and I’m from Hussain.” This means that: “My love to him is full and so is his love to me, and my affection towards him is full and so is his affection towards me.
Before the time of Holy Prophet PBUH, the Jews used to fast on the 10th of Muharram because of the association of this day to Moosa a.s who brought victory to Bani Israel over Firoun on this day. So, Prophet Moosa a.s used to fast on this day. When Prophet Muhammad SAW came to Madina, and got to know about the Jews fasting on this day he ordered Muslims to fast as well. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said that the Muslims more rightfully relate to Prophet Moosa a.s, so they are more rightful to follow the legacy. When the prophet Muhammad saw exalted this day the companions showed worry as the same day was honoured by Jews and Christians. And in Islam, it’s forbidden to follow religious practices of other faiths. So, the Sunnah of Prophet PBUH to fast on 9th of Muharram as well to differentiate Muslims from the Jewish practice of fasting.
The Blessings of this sacred month are manifold. Although fasting in this sacred month is not obligatory but it brings great merits. It is said that fasting in this month multiplies the reward thirty times.

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