Died Man Gets Justice After 19 Years

SLAMABAD: A man got justice after over 19 years; however, he was not alive to hear the good news as he had already died two years ago.

Mazhar Hussain, resident of Dhok Haider Ali Sihala, died of cardiac arrest in captivity in 2014. After his death, his family left following the case to hear the good news that the court exonerated their brother from murder charge.

Moreover, the claimants of the case, Manzoor Hussain and Bilal, also have passed away.

It should be mentioned here that Hussain was accused of murdering Manzoor Hussain’s brother, Ismail, in 1997 in precincts of Sihala Police Station.

The irony is the jail officials did not inform the Supreme Court of Pakistan about Mazhar’s death.

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