PML-N Women Wing’s Chitral District President Bibi Jan Accuses Party Leaders of Harassment

PML-N women wing’s Chitral district president Bibi Jan has accused some of her party’s local leaders of hatching a conspiracy to kill her and demanded of the top leadership to take serious notice of the party’s situation in the area.

Speaking at a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Friday, Bibi Jan said that she had started her political career from student life and took part in social gatherings, but later joined PML-N to serve the people of her district.

“I have the honour of being the first female political activist in Chitral and I actively worked for the party and women of the area, but some male members of our party are against me,” she claimed.

Flanked by a group of female workers, Bibi Jan said that PML-N district president Said Ahmed Khan, Fazal Rahim and some others were trying to remove her from the political scene.

“On the day when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to address a public meeting in Chitral these local leaders called me to a meeting. I came but they left the venue and locked the door from outside where I spent over one hour in virtual detention, but some passerby hearing my hue and cry opened the door,” she claimed.

Claims Chitral district president wants to remove her from political scene

She said that the room was short of oxygen and she could have died of suffocation had the passerby not opened the door. She said the male members of PML-N wanted her to miss the public meeting of Nawaz Sharif, but she managed to reach the venue.

“Initially, my entry to the venue of public meeting was blocked by security men at the behest of my opponents but as my complaint was aired by some TV channels the gate was opened for me,” she said.

The woman leaguer said that she informed the party leaders, especially women wing president Tahira Bukhari and general secretary Shaheen Habibullah, and they had allowed her to speak to media to bring on record whatever she faced on the eve of PM’s visit to Chitral. The woman said she could have registered a case against these people, but she did not only for the sake of party.

Bibi Jan also complained that the local leaders had refused to issue her party ticket in the local government election in 2015, but she contested it independently and got elected as neighbourhood councillor unopposed.

She said that in case of any problem or attempt on her life the responsibility would rest with Said Ahmed Khan, Fazal Rahim and their supporters.

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