Beautiful Rare Yellow Color Turtle Found Near Badin Village

BADIN: Residents of Ghulam Mohammed Farooqui village on Monday found a turtle that is unique for his yellow-colour body.

“We have never seen a yellow turtle and maybe this species is not found anywhere in the country,” said some of the astonished villagers keenly watching it.The villagers, who found it crawling in their village caught and released it into a fish pond.

One of them, Siddique Bhurgari, told local journalists that they had already informed officials of the wildlife department about the unique turtle but none of them had turned up so far.

Disagreeing with other villagers, Mr Bhurgari said that he and some other residents of the village had spotted yellow turtles in ponds within the village a few days back.

Despite repeated attempts by this reporter, no wildlife official could be contacted for a comment.

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