Although the world has observed a revolution in communication means in recent past ,life of a common person has completely changed by the invention and introduction of mobile phones,and this is undoubtedly the most remarkable addition,

In the end of twentieth centuary,after the introduction of mobile phones also known as cell phones(“cell” meant to be as cellular technology),prior to that there was no concept of having a telephone without a wire,and it thought to be a dream or fiction.

This “cellular technology” was introduced for users of phones,initially this technology worked through “EMS” mobiles mainly dominated by Sony Erricson,but this was much costly and a common working man could not afford it,than “GSM” technology was introduced in the market which was operated through a “sim card” which was cheap and popular with in the working class,In this era a  “NOKIA” company’s mobile manufacturers dominated the market.

In the beginning,it was so simple as far as the features and applications are concerned,this was the time where various necessities like wrist watch,alarm clock,calendar,diary,calculator,torch,radio etc were knocked out and eliminated from our lives,but as the time passed by the cell phones sails into a continous process of betterment and advancement.

The introduction of “Andriod” technology has changed complete scenario purpose of phone,now with the help of android application,now its turn for a camera(both still and movie),theature,newspaper,and in some meanings computer has also been replaced from the udders routine,and it also affected the postal service correspondence by its strong SMS service through text messaging and MMS/GPRS for multimedia messaging,manfacture of Apple I-phones,Samsung,Motrolla etc are dominating this era.These all are the popular brands known worldwide but there are also some cheaper brands like Q-Mobiles,it is also a significant and popular brand amond the users.

This journey of success does not stop yet is going further and further everyday.

Despite,some disadvantages,I think the details are unnoticeable and not necessary to mention here,all in all this invention becomes the most important part of our lives,let me add that the cell phones are like drugs and one can totallu get addicted to it,

To conclude this,I can say that a mobile phone has paralysed all the communication means with only a touch of screen,we can collect any information or any kind of data within no time.

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