The river of ‘blood’ RED in Siberia : Locals stunned to discover waterway has turned bright RED in Siberia

The Daldykan River in the far north of Siberia began to turn red in colour.The rapid colour change of the waterway concerned and stunned locals.It is suspected to have been caused by industrial waste from a nickel plant.But the company who run the plant deny that a leak has taken place.

These are the shocking pictures that show how an Arctic river has turned bright red stunning locals.The Daldykan River in the far north of Siberia changed colour rapidly after a suspected discharge of industrial waste from a nickel plant.Images of the river were highlighted on social media in Russia with locals saying that a problem at the factory, also known as Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant, was behind the scary colouring of the water.

The plant is owned by metals giant Norilsk Nickel which said it was checking the reports of the river’s putrid colour.

A source from the factory said: ‘Environmental monitoring around the river and adjoining production facilities of the company is being held, including helicopter flights.

Production is also being reduced at the Krasnoyarsk region plant which processes nickel concentrate, reported The Siberian Times.

But the company added: ‘The Polar Division of Norilsk Nickel does not confirm a leak of emergency discharge of industrial waste into the Daldykan River which could have affected its state.’

However, locals say on social media that it is not the first time that the river’s colour has turned red and that in winter the snow turns red.

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