At Least 23 People Killed in Explosion and Fire at Bangladesh

At least 23 people killed in explosion and fire at Bangladeshi packaging factory that supplies firms including Nestle and British American Tobacco.

Dozens more have been injured the massive blast near Dhaka which happened earlier this morning.The fire spread very quickly because a large amount of flammable chemicals were stored at the factory.50 people could be injured – at least six burns victims at local hospital were in a critical condition.It took firefighters nearly five hours to bring the blaze under control after a boiler reportedly exploded.Factory safety is a major concern in Bangladesh following 2013 incident in which 1,135 people died.A boiler exploded and triggered a fire at a packaging factory near Bangladesh’s capital, killing at least 23 workers and injuring dozens, officials said.

Fire officials said that the explosion at the five-story Tampaco Foils factory in the Tongi industrial area outside Dhaka was huge, and that the fire spread quickly because flammable chemicals were stored at the factory.

At least six of the 14 people being treated for burns at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital were in critical condition, said Mohammed Bacchu Mia, a police official at the hospital. He confirmed that at least 23 people had die.


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