Two pilot sisters Maryam Masood and Erum Masood have made history by flying Boeiing-777 aircraft as pilot at the same time,which is beyond compare coup in PIA.They both are working as flight officer’s for Pakistan International Airlines.
They recently made history by flying an airplane of Pakistan International Airlines Boeiing-777 and become “Pilot Sisters” for Pakistan.Their name is being reviving through out Asia as “Pakistani Pilot Sisters”
Although there is no known evidence of these two actual sisters that they have aviate the same weight category aircraft all concurrently.
According to Mr Danyal Gillani:
“There is no recorded instance of two real sisters flying a commercial aircraft together anywhere in the world.”
While the two sisters have been flying for a while now, they had never shared the same cockpit till now.
In recent times, one of the sisters, Erum Masood, was promoted and cleared to fly a Boeing-777, which germinated in the perky correspondence of both sisters flying a plane together.
These sisters made their history by flying plane on Tuesday operating two flights at the same time.They flew the planes for local as well as international landing places.
Maryam being the matured,has been flying the aircrafts as she had her license already.Instead the younger sister Erum recently got her license to fly the planes.Now they could fly a plane and do the captaincy together.
Amidst them Maryam and Erum flew destinations form Lahore to Karachi,Manchester,Newyork and London.
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have made history recently, and that too for a very good reason.
But not today, as the sister-duo of pilots has made history in South Asia to be the first ever siblings to fly a plane together. It’s an honor for the whole country, not just PIA, but the airline nonetheless should be credited for making it happen.

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