6th September – A Story of Courage, Bravery And Unity – Defense Day of Pakistan

6th of September is a milestone in the annals of our history. Forty seven years ago, the brave soldiers, sailors and airmen, in complete unity with the nation, repelled the naked aggression of the enemy and defended the sacred frontiers of the Motherland. It was on this day that our survival was threatened by an enemy possessing over whelming numerical superiority both in force and equipment. Together with the advantage of surprise, the enemy considered it to do be a golden opportunity to undo Pakistan. While our compatriots did not waver to support their brethren in uniform in this testing time, our soldiers, sailors and airmen fought with such gallantry and professionalism that the enemy was forced to instantly give up the dream of quick and easy victory against us. Glorious archives of valor, courage and self-sacrifice were written in the face of heavy odds marking the resolute will and determination of the Armed Forces and the people of our country to ensure an impregnable defense and a strong and prosperous Pakistan.

People of Pakistan had two options to choose from: honorable survival and ignominious capitulation. We chose the path of courage, dignity and honor. From Khyber to Karachi, the Pakistani nation stood like a rock to foil the enemy designs. Pakistan Armed Forces responded to the challenge with alacrity and boldness. With the blessings of Almighty Allah we were able to squash the enemy on land, sea and air. The war of 1965 reminds us how a nation small in size, yet high in spirit, stood fast against the enemy’s aggression. Undaunted by the numerical strength and immense stockpiles of arms of the aggressor, it stood committed to its faith and wrote a glorious chapter in its history.

Whenever called upon to defend the country’s frontiers against aggression, our armed forces and countrymen have always risen to the occasion and established new chapters of glory. On 6th September, 1965, when our country was challenged, our entire nation rallied behind their armed forces and fought as an invincible force. Everyone was inspired by a patriotic fervor and was thirsting for action against the aggressors, thus proving that a nation imbued with the spirit of sacrifice cannot be overawed even by the mightiest of adversaries.

This day, during the month of September in 1965, the armed forces supported by the entire nation demonstrated unflinching courage and fortitude abiding the qualities of unity, faith and discipline, thwarted the evil designs of an enemy far superior in numbers. This epoch making event gave birth to many legends of exemplary courage and great determination.

The day of 6th September, also reminisced as Youm-e-Difa, reminds us of those dauntless and daring soldiers who laid down their lives in the defense of the motherland. This is the day to pay tribute to our Shuhada whose supreme sacrifices in the line of duty will be etched in gold in the history of valor and faithfulness and proved that:

“Shaheed ki jo maut hai Wo Qaum ki Hayaat Hai….”

On this historic day we also salute the heroic deeds of our Ghazis who gave a new meaning to the word ‘bold’ and ‘fearless’ and their innumerable acts of courage and gallantry will ever remain legendary and iconic.

Today we pay tributes to these heroes, who rose to the occasion by paying the ultimate price of their lives. Their feats of courage inspire us even today. There can be no better tribute to their souls but our endeavors to emulate their deeds of chivalry and imbibe the same spirit of professionalism and self-sacrifice for the greater glory of the nation. We vow to pay tribute to sacrifices of our heroes dedicating ourselves to incessant working towards building up professionalism, personal skills and character, so as to come up to the expectations of the nation whenever the opportunity demands.

We are proud of the supreme success of our Armed Forces in the war of 1965. We hold in great esteem the gallantry of our warriors and are profoundly indebted to our Shaheeds and Ghazis for showing us the path of honor and glory. Today the nation is proud of the feats of courage, valor and excellence accomplished by our warriors. As we commemorate the Day, it is binding on us to revive the spirit of national unity and faith and the blessings of Allah to blunt the evil designs of the adversary. However, as we rejoice the victory of 1965 war, we should not lose the sight of the prevailing threat to our national security. Pakistan is facing numerous threats to its security, which call for forging unity and trust amongst armed forces and the nation. We will have to put in our hearts and soul to safe guard Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity. Particularly, we need to take wise decisions in order to eliminate the menace of terror and extremism from our soil. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision of a moderate state is the best guideline for us towards achieving that goal. Our strength lies in our strong commitment and total preparedness at all times.  We, the Defenders of the Nation, assure the countrymen that defense of the Motherland is in the hands of those who are second to none in soldierly qualities and chivalry. We cherish peace and tranquility the world over. We have always pursued the principles of peaceful co-existence. At the same time, our desire for peace must not be misconstrued as a sign of weakness. This day bears testimony to the fact that the people of Pakistan know the value of life with honor and are never reluctant to pay the price in blood. We renew our pledge to serve the nation wholeheartedly with vigor, strength, loyalty and alertness. We stand committed and are ready to defend nation and its sacred soil at all costs.

Let us invoke on this day of thanks giving Almighty’s blessings for our Shuhada. Let us resolve to emulate the examples of our heroes so that we continue to enjoy the pride and esteem of our countrymen. May Allah grant us the strength and wisdom to fulfill our obligations to the best of our abilities and in the line with the expectations of the people of Pakistan!

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