Eid al-Adha is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice his son Ismaeel. Muslims around the world observe this event.
In this regard every year before the occasion of Eid-ulAzha a large number of cowsellers visit Karachi with their animals to set an expo for the ease of people so that people could not have to travel in the interior areas for the purchase of animals.
This year world’s largest cow expo is set near Sohrab Goth in Karachi.
Except this,because of the lack of space Sindh government give them permission to stipulate their business in other areas of Karachi like Malir,Clifton,Landhi and other cantonment areas but other than this many other fair have also been seen at a smaller level in little villages.
Like in past years,government is also providing facilities like ATM machines,banks,mosques,wash rooms,media cell while Sindh lives stock has provided 17 veterinary doctors and 16 para medical staff with dispensary and ambulances with 24 hours service to those cow sellers in the Sohrab Goth expo.
This year the expo was started on 7th Aug and will last till the 4th day of Eid.
The proper inaugration ceremony was held on 25th Aug 2016 by provincial minister of live stock and fisheries Mohammad Ali Malkani.
From the resources it has been calculated that Karachiites spent around Rs30 billion in sacrificing animals on this year’s Eidul Azha, which speaks volumes about the success of the ongoing crackdown against criminal elements in the provincial capital.

The main animals market at the superhighway, Karachi for now features mostly the high-end “showstopper” cows and bulls, purely for the elite class to buy and others to enjoy their ramp walk for entertainment. These animals are priced from 250,000 to a massive 1,000,000.

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