Hockey is a national game of Pakistan on which Pakistan has single handedly ruled over 2 to 3 decades up to mid “80s”and that can be truly is said to be the “Golden Era of Pakistan Hockey during that Pakistan was the champion of all major titles.

Now these days this game is hidden from the eyes of hockey lovers and fans of Pakistani hockey, even though the success in a major tournament or a event is a dream the team could not even qualify for these tournaments.

Everybody showed their concerns about this failure but nobody finds the solution how to over whelmed the crisis.

If we look back in the past, hockey was one of the most popular games along with cricket and football in big cities in the late eightees and early ninetees the perception aroused by a mind set that the hockey players are coming from a very small city named “Gojra” situated nearby Sargodha district, and because of this Gojra has been chosen as the center point for the game of hockey which not only discouraged the players of big cities but also narrowed the chances to establish the talent amongst the whole country.

Someone may not agree with my opinion but the truth speaks itself in the form of result.

Now it is the need of time to revive the past glory of our country not only on education levels like in schools colleges and universities but also at the club level in big cities of the country as this is a wider and bigger scale for the exposure

In this regard, the serious and concrete steps should be taken by the top management to promote hockey in Pakistan to save the national game.

In fact the revival requires another Air Marshal Noor Khan and Brig R SMH Atif

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