Ek thi marium is a featured film scheduled for release on Defence Day, 6th September 2016 to glorify the character of Marium further.This film is basically based on a true story made to pay a tribute to Marium Mukhtar.

Marium Mukhtar was born in Karachi on 18th of May 1992.Marium Mukhtar Shaikh was the daughter of Col.R. Mukhtiar Ahmed Sheikh, and her ancestors were from Pano Akil a small city in province of Sindh Pakistan.Marium Mukhtar successfully pass out as a fighter pilot from PAF Academy Risal pur in year 2014.She was one of the first female fighter pilots of the country, who sacrificed her life on Tuesday 24 November 2015 at the age of 23 when she and her senior Squadron leader Saqib Abbasi were on their routine operational training mission when a technical error was reported in the plane and eventually crashed near Kundian in Mianwali district in the province of Punjab, her co pilot aborted the plane in time but she refused to abort before taking the plane to a safe place to save the civilian population, so that it was too late to save herself.
Marium proved to be an honourable lady to become a pilot in a society in which we are living.Marium Mukhtar is a household name of courage and bravery
This film is penned by an outstanding writer Umera ahmad and sponsored by Sarmad khoosat.The leading role of Marium is played by a very talented Sanam Baloch.
The story touches the dreams of a Pakistani female who seeks to become a pilot. Concluding short scraps the hardships and struggles faced by her are portrayed. Over and above highlighted are the ambiguity that materialize and come between her and her drive of becoming a women fighter pilot.
The trailor of the film has been released and is sure to bring out a statesperson in you.
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